JTree Drag and Drop Gotcha

Before adding Drag and Drop capabilities to my JTable, I read Java Tip 97 and Java Tip 114 from JavaWorld. They were fairly helpful, but I ended up doing things a little differently. In implementing my Drag and Drop JTree, however, I was plagued by a persistent exception: “InvalidDnDOperationException: Drag and drop in progress.” I debugged my code for hours before finally finding the source of the error. Somewhere along the line I had called tree.setDragEnabled( true ), which is what caused the error. You will always get this error if you call setDragEnabled ( true ) while also creating a DragSource using your JTree. My completed Drag and Drop enabled JTree can be found here if anyone is interested in using it. It contains a lot of other methods related to my specific project that you’ll have to wade through and remove. But if you focus on the Drag and Drop related methods, you’ll get the gist of how it’s done.

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