Java Technology Overload

The more I look into the different third-party Java technologies/frameworks, the more overwhelmed I feel. The list just gets bigger and bigger. And just as I start to look into something I hear that something newer and better is coming to replace it. Here are the names of a few of the Java technologies I’ve heard a lot recently (in no particular order):

  • Hibernate
  • Maven
  • Spring
  • Struts
  • AJAX
  • Groovy
  • Ant
  • JUnit
  • XDoclet
  • JBoss
  • Rails
  • JavaServer Faces
  • iBatis
  • Portlet
  • SWT
  • JRockit
  • Drools

I know what many of these do, and have even worked with some of them, but for the most part I’m completely lost as to which I should even look at. Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed with all the different technologies?

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