Using the New Class

The 1.6 release of the JDK included a new class, which adds some new features to enhance and simplify command-line applications. Notably, Console includes a method specifically for reading passwords that disables console echo and returns a char array; both important for security. Scenario: Getting Username and PasswordGetting a user’s username and password is probably one of the more common …

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JTree Drag and Drop Gotcha

Before adding Drag and Drop capabilities to my JTable, I read Java Tip 97 and Java Tip 114 from JavaWorld. They were fairly helpful, but I ended up doing things a little differently. In implementing my Drag and Drop JTree, however, I was plagued by a persistent exception: “InvalidDnDOperationException: Drag and drop in progress.” I debugged my code for hours …

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The RSS Version Fiasco

I’ve recently been extending my Java RSS/Atom feed reader to support more versions of RSS. In doing so I’ve discovered that the version history of RSS is a lot more complicated than I’d thought. One would assume that the version history was linear from 0.9 through 2.0, but one would be wrong. Versions 0.9, 0.91, …

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