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Dec 07 2011

Windows CoffeeScript Auto-Compiler using Groovy and JDK 7 WatcherService

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Update: Node.js for Windows has been improved since this post, so this information is obsolete. Last time I checked I was able to run CoffeeScript the same on Windows as I do on Linux and OSX.

If you’re using the CoffeeScript compiler for Windows (By Alexey Lebedev) you’ve probably noted a lack of a -w or “–watch” argument. These arguments can be very handy if you are working with a coffeescript file and want to quickly see the results of your edits. Given this lack of functionality and my desire to write some code in Groovy 1.8 using some of the NIO2 JDK 7 features I decided to write a little script that wraps this CoffeeScript compiler and fills in this missing feature.
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